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Trollball Rules

Rules adapted from Bicolline, by AJJRO
  • Teams are mixte.
  • A team is composed of a maximum of 10 players and 1 healer. The team must have a captain and minimum 6 players.
  • Matches last 20 minutes, with a 3 minute break at halftime to allow teams to switch sides.
  • The game field should be 90 feet (27 meters) by 50 feet (15 meters), surrounded by a 4 feet (1 meter) corridor for the healers.
  • Every match must have a minimum 2 referees, and a maximum of 4. A main referee should be designated every match.

Fair play

  • If you’ve been hit, please don’t turn a blind eye.
  • Please control the impact of your hits; else you will be excluded by the referees.
  • Your fairplay is the best referee. Heed its calls!
  • NO PHYSICAL CONTACT (automatic disqualification)

Flow of the game

The goal of the game is to drop the Troll Head into the opposing team’s goal. The team with the most points wins the match.
  • On the field, there can only be 5 players per team, and 1 healer.
  • Each player is equipped with one 90 cm approved sword; thus 5 swords per team.
  • Before each faceoff, the Trollball is placed in the middle of the field. Players must have both feet on their team’s starting line.
  • Only the healers are allowed to pass between the goal line and the replacements line.
  • The Trollball can only be picked up with hands (not with your weapon, nor your feet) and cannot be thrown. Players can pass the Trollball between them, using their hands.
One hit from another player kills the player. This player cannot hold anything or throw anything and must kneel on the floor immediately, dropping the Trollball if he-she had it.
  • Players heads must never be a target of a hit and do not count.
  • A dead player must put his knees on the ground and put his blade in the air, upside down. The player cannot throw his weapon to a healer.
  • Note: Getting hit on your feet or hands counts!
  • If both players hit each other at the same time, both blows count.
  • If a player is scoring a goal and he is killed in action, but at the end of his movement, the Trollball is in the goal, the point is granted.
  • After each point, the players come back to life and another round starts.
  • The healer’s role is to grab the dead player’s swords and bring it to the replacement players.
    • Once the dead player’s sword has been picked up by the healer, he-she must exit the field as fast as possible, and return to his-her team’s replacement line, without hindering the match (else a penalty will be attributed).
    • Healers can carry only one sword at a time.
    • The replacements cannot enter the playing field unless a healer has given the replacement player a sword. (no throwing).
    • Replacements must stay in the predetermined zones.
    • Healers can run, enter and/or exit the whole playing field. They can only get hit while in the playing field.
    • Healers can “die”. If a healer dies, he is brought back to life for the next point.
    • A player that exits the playing field, dies. The player must kneel down on the field limits where he-she exited.


    • A penality means one less sword during the following round.
    • Penalties are given by referees in the following situations: Rule breaking, violence, blows to the face (even if involuntary, don’t forget to apologize!), arguing with referees, verbal violence, unsportsmanlike behavior, etc.
    • Healers can also receive penalties
    • If a whole team is penalized at the same time, except the healers, that team loses the round.
    • It’s useless to argue with referees.

    Weapons and protection

    • The only authorized weapons are the provided one handed weapons.
    • Armor isn’t authorized
    • Shields aren’t authorized
    • Please do not rub the sword's tip on the floor, or set it down point-down.